SmartPlay Technology

The Brains Behind the Operation.

A product six years in the making, SmartPlay technology offers the best of performance, flexibility, and openness.


SmartPlay OS

SmartPlay OS

SmartPlay OS is the proprietary digital signage technology developed by VS Networks. SmartPlay OS was built upon existing open-source technologies in order to deliver exceptional performance of both passive and interactive applications in a variety of environments, with minimal demands on hardware, network, or developmental capabilities.

  • Local storage for fastest performance & no network downtime
  • Supports wide range of file types
  • HTML5 application development engine
  • Audio support
  • Reporting software supports custom metrics
SmartPlay Content Management System

SmartPlay Content Management System

SmartPlay CMS is a cloud-based content management system that allows advertisers and retailers to manage their signage networks from any internet-enabled device. Regardless of network size or content complexity, SmartPlay CMS offers the tools needed for complete control without a headache.

  • Customizable ad or channel play frequency
  • Manage machines by location, custom groups, geography, and more
  • Programmable start & end dates
  • Live health alerts
  • Bandwidth controls


SmartPlay Media Player

SmartPlay Media Player

It's no small feat to deliver 1080p HD content 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. But the SmartPlay Media Player is optimized to perform without skipping, lag, or slowdown, and in a size- and cost-effective package to boot.



Though the SmartPlay Media Player is compatible with most HDTVs, a SmartPlay-provided display is recommended for the highest-quality performance and peace of mind. All SmartPlay displays are high definition, optimized for the platform, and commercial grade, built for the wear and tear of all-day play.



For an interactive experience, SmartPlay offers 22" commercial-grade touchscreens. These touchscreens support multi-touch and gesture functionality, and are available with gondola-mount, standalone, or counter stand mounting options.


To assure ultra-responsive performance and minimize bandwidth consumption, most SmartPlay content is stored locally on the media player. Updates occur nightly and at the user's control.

All devices support Wi-Fi & Ethernet

Bandwidth limiting available for all devices

Automatic updates

Cloud access & storage

Encrypted network

Graceful handling of network or power outages

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