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John Deere Showroom Digital Media System

Bound past the competition with the most advanced showroom sales tool on the planet. Combining engaging in-store marketing with immersive digital sales tools, we bring you John Deere’s commitment to quality and innovation to your showroom floor.

System Overview

A forward-thinking showroom experience for customers and dealers.
  • Digital touchscreen catalog assists customers at start of sales process or in absence of available sales staff
  • Dynamic presentation augments showroom experience – adding missing/underrepresented products, spec sheets, how-to-videos, attachments, etc.
  • Entertaining and engaging video advertising contributes to shorter perceived wait times
  • Hyper-localized digital content allows for more effective in-store branding and promotion
  • Hip-to-hip sales tool enables every salesperson to deliver knowledgeable, professional sales pitch regardless of experience or product familiarity
  • Ongoing training tool – especially useful for new product releases and less experienced staff
  • Customer data capture – contact info, popular products, and more!
  • Automatic updates ensure that latest promotions and marketing campaigns will always be advertised as soon as they start
  • Guaranteed confluence and compliance – all stakeholders are represented on single platform with minimal effort and investment



For more information, please contact VS Networks at (312) 929-1411 x 1.


To maximize performance and minimize costs, John Deere Showroom Digital Media System is committed to offering commercial-grade hardware at cost. Work with a sales representative to pick out the size and quantity of hardware that’s the best fit for your store AND your budget!


To assure optimal system functionality, John Deere Showroom Digital Media System is accompanied by a monthly subscription fee per location. This charge provides access to the full suite of digital content and features, and ensures ongoing system support and maintenance over the life of the relationship.


Your choice of installation support ensures that John Deere Showroom Digital Media System is properly set up and connected to the network. Phone support is included for easy, plug-and-play installation free of charge, or select a professional service option for no-effort installation at a small fee.

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